The ideal food additive should be beneficial and harmless
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The ideal food additive should be beneficial and harmless

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Food additives are widely used in food production and production due to their advantages of improving the taste and color of food, especially prepackaged food, extending shelf life, stabilizing product appearance, and enhancing nutrition. However, food safety incidents are frequent nowadays. , The understanding and attitude of consumers and food companies to food additives is related to the development of the entire food industry.

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Food safety problems are both caused by food additives and some are not caused by food additives. However, once a food safety problem occurs, people's first reaction is food additives. Therefore, it is imperative to increase people's understanding of food additives. It is necessary to distinguish food additives or non-food additives that are harmful to the human body but act as food additives, but also to encounter some food safety problems that are not caused by food additives, and be able to know that they are not food additives. For this reason, avoid spreading misinformation. When people can distinguish the additives that are harmful to the human body and the food additives that are not harmful to the human body, and have a full understanding of the dosage of certain food additives, the popularization of food additive knowledge will be effective.

An ideal food additive should be beneficial and harmless, and "natural, nutritious, and multifunctional" should be the mainstream of food additive development. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people's pursuit of food not only stays on the senses such as color, aroma and odor, but also pays more attention to factors such as nutrition, health and safety. The functional scope of food additives has become wider and wider, and its important position has gradually increased Significantly. The safety and health-care effect of food additives have attracted more and more attention. With the rapid development of the food industry in the world and the advancement of chemical synthesis technology, the food additive industry will have a larger stage of development, and the difference between food additives and food will likely be gradually diluted. The only difference is the difference in intake due to the difference in their respective requirements. Even some food additives can be removed without entering the human body after reaching the effect of use, and more new food additives similar to nisin will be continuously developed to meet people's needs.

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