Our Advantages
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R&D center 700m²,70 chemical hoods, 40 R&D chemists, Ig~kg stage R&D,s- cale-up and technical improvement.


Synthetic center: 3000m²,20 sets 100G glass reactors, 2 sets 260L stainless steel multi-purpose, 7 sets rotary evaporators, 1 set shot-path distillation, 1 set high vacuum distillation reactor, I set water purifier, Iset rising-film evapora- tor, Iset stainless steel mobile chromatographic column, centrifuges, dryers, ets. Hundreds of kg stage production and technical improvement.


Purification center: 3000m².10 sets 1000L reactors. 3sets 1000L stainless steel reactors, centrifuges, dryers, etc. Purification and package of tons stage projects.

★ QC

Analysis center. 500m², 4 sets HPLC, 5 sets GC, 1 set UPLC-MS, I set Chlo- ride ion detector, KF, etc. Meets customer's all demand of quality control.


Strict warehouse management policy to guarantee the safe storage of raw ma- terials, intermediates and final products.


29 reactors ranging from 200-5000L / Multifuctional

Cover customization, process conversion verification and production with a monthly output of less than 5 tons.

Flexible production line could adapt to vious compounds promptly