Fungicides and algicides have been well developed in the industry
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Fungicides and algicides have been well developed in the industry

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Water treatment agent is the necessary chemical agent in the process of industrial water, life water and wastewater treatment. Through the use of these chemical agents, the water can reach certain quality requirements. Its primary effect is to control the formation of scale and sludge, reduce foam, reduce the erosion of data in contact with water, remove suspended solids and toxic substances in water, deodorize and decolor, and soften water quality. At present, due to the rapid increase of water consumption in countries around the world and the formulation of various environmental protection laws (water purification laws) one after another, and the increasingly stringent requirements, the improvement of various efficient water treatment agents is rapid.

Bactericidal Algicide

Water treatment agents include flocculant, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocide, dispersant, cleaning agent, pre film agent, defoamer, decolorizer, chelating agent, Deoxidizer and ion exchange resin. This paper will systematically introduce flocculants and biocides.

Among them, the commonly used water treatment agents are: scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, bactericide and algaecide (water treatment bactericide), cleaning agent, slime stripping agent, flocculant, coagulant, dispersant and other water treatment agents. Sodium hexametaphosphate is also one of the water treatment agents.

Bactericides and algicides are widely used in water treatment systems. Now the society advocates energy conservation and environmental protection. These chemicals have made great contributions to environmental protection!

Bactericide and algaecide have been well developed in the industry, with obvious bactericidal effect. Of course, the use method is also more exquisite. Next, I will tell you about the delivery method, and interested friends can learn about it together.

1. The medicinal hot water can be boiled before the bactericide and algaecide are put into the water. However, the temperature of the water should be about 60 ° generally, not more than 70 ° otherwise, the activity of the algaecide will be affected and then filtered. During the delivery, you can add enough at one time, once per shift, and put it at a fixed point.

2. Use dosing funnel for dosing: This is a relatively direct and simple method. You can put an appropriate amount of bactericide into the funnel and put the medicine into the boiler at the speed.

3. Regular release: the sewage discharge rate of this method is about 7%, but it is necessary to ensure that every shift has sewage discharge, and the time should be controlled at about 50 seconds. If there is no water level change in sewage treatment, check whether the pipeline is blocked.

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