Glutaraldehyde 50%,technical grade
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Glutaraldehyde 50%,technical grade

Detailed introduction

Chemical name: Glutaraldehyde 50%,technical grade


Chemical Structure: OHC(CH2)3CHO

Formula: C5H8O2

Molecular Weight: 100.12 

CAS NO.:111-30-8

Physical Properties and performances:

Appearance: Pale yellow transparent liquid

Specific Gravity/Density:     1.1310g/cm3 

It has slight irritating smell,soluable in  water,ether and ethanol and etc.

In its water solution,the product doesn't exist much in free state;instead,it is in hydrates with different forms.and most of them are hydrates with annular structure.
The product is active in property,and liable to polymerize and oxidize,which will react with compounds containing active oxygen and nitrogen.The reaction of the product with protein is mainly carried out between the carbonyl group of the former and the amino group of the latter.Among the known aldehydes,it is one of the best cross-linking agents for proteins.
The product a a good bactericide
The product has a small influence on the activity of enzyme,and most of enzymes can be fixed under controlled condition,to cross-link without losing their activity.



pH Value:3.0-5.0



Packing:220kgs/plastic drum,or 1100kgs/IBC

Usage: mainly used for tanning agent, bactericide and fixative of protein.


Transportation information:

UN Number:3082

9 class

Packing Group:III


Storage: keep it a cool place with ventilation.