D(-)-Aspartic acid
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D(-)-Aspartic acid

Detailed introduction

Product Name

D(-)-Aspartic acid



Main Specification

ItemsStandardsAppearanceWhite crystals or crystalline powderAssay(%)99.0 - 101.0Transmittance(%)98.0 MinSpecific rotation(°)-24.0 - -26.0Loss on drying(%)0.20 MaxResidue on ignition(%)0.10 MaxCl(%)0.02 MaxNH4(%)0.02 MaxFe(ppm)10 MaxHeavy metals(ppm)10 MaxAs(ppm)1 MaxOther amino acids(%)0.30 MaxpH2.5 - 3.5 


25kg /Kraft bag or as client's demand


Aspartate is a vitamin-like substance called an amino acid. As a dietary supplement, aspartate is combined with minerals and is available as copper aspartate, iron aspartate, magnesium aspartate, manganese aspartate, potassium aspartate, and zinc aspartate.

Aspartates are used to increase absorption of the minerals they are combined with and to enhance athletic performance. Some forms are used to reduce brain damage caused by cirrhosis of the liver (hepatic encephalopathy) when given intravenously by a healthcare professional.

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