Natural food additives can be divided into natural nutritional fortifiers
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Natural food additives can be divided into natural nutritional fortifiers

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Natural food additives that have been discovered and are being developed and researched include natural food preservatives, natural food enhancers, natural food antioxidants, natural metal ion removal agents, natural food emulsifiers, natural nutritional fortifiers, natural stabilized color retention agents, Natural food coloring, natural enzyme preparation, natural thickener, natural sweetener, etc. In today's rapidly developing food industry, the development and research of natural food additives has an unstoppable advantage.

In the past period of time, synthetic antioxidants have been occupying a considerable proportion. However, nowadays, human beings have higher and higher requirements for food safety, and synthetic antioxidants are gradually neglected. According to relevant data, there are nearly 50 kinds of natural extracts of antioxidants. Natural antioxidants extracted from natural substances are mostly used in meat products, cakes, beverages, and other processing processes. In addition to the well-known antioxidant functions, some natural antioxidants also play a role in health care. For example, polypeptide extracts and green tea extract tea polyphenols have anti-cancer functions; ginger extracts with antibacterial, anti-tumor, anti-platelet aggregation activities and other functions are widely used in today's pharmacology.

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As a natural food additive, phytic acid is often used in the process of removing metal ions from alcohol and beverages. Currently in Japan, beverages containing phytic acid have begun mass production. Phytic acid can remove metal ions in beverages and alcohol because various metal ions can combine with phytic acid to form precipitable substances. Beer treated with phytic acid reduces the probability of beer deterioration. It can also improve the flavor of beer. Beverages with added phytic acid can avoid harmful heavy metals from harming the body and improve the safety factor of the beverages.

According to the source, natural thickeners can be divided into four categories: vegetable glue, animal glue, enzyme-treated glue and microbial glue. Thickening, cohesion, stabilization, gelling, emulsification, etc. are the main characteristics of natural thickeners, which are widely used in food processing such as beverages, pastry foods, canned foods, and dairy products. At present, there are more than 60 kinds of natural thickeners that are allowed by the state.

With people's pursuit of healthy life, natural food additives, which are an important part of the food industry, have gradually become the trend and hotspot of research. This paper discusses the types, research status and development trend of natural food additives in my country.

Natural food additives can be divided into natural nutritional fortifiers, natural flavor enhancers, natural sweeteners, enzyme preparations and microbial preparations, natural emulsifiers, natural food colors, natural food flavors, natural thickeners, natural preservatives and preservation agents, natural antioxidants, natural coating agents, natural gum bases and natural processing aids. Food additives play an irreplaceable role in processing or in improving food color, aroma and taste, adjusting food nutrients and ensuring high quality of food. The total output of food additives in China in 1998 was about 1.4 million tons, of which Natural food additives account for more than 70%. With the continuous improvement of living standards and cultural levels, people's requirements for food are becoming more and more natural and healthy. Under the turning ring of the times, the research and development of natural food additives has become an urgent mission.

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