Many food additives are essential in the baking process
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Many food additives are essential in the baking process

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Most people talk about the reason for entering the baking industry. In addition to the food gene in their bones, they also want to make safe and safe food for themselves and their families. Whenever I talk about bread and pastries sold in the market with my relatives and friends at home, I feel pale at the mention of food additives. In fact, many food additives are indispensable in the baking process. In the baking process, the expansion agent is commonly used, mainly including odor powder, baking soda and baking powder.

The scientific name of stinky powder is ammonium bicarbonate, which is mainly used for the processing of biscuits and other crisps. It volatilizes rapidly above 60 ° C and decomposes into ammonia, carbon dioxide and water. However, the residual ammonia gas can make the food have abnormal odor and affect the taste.

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Baking soda, namely sodium bicarbonate, is an acid salt formed after neutralization of strong alkali and weak acid. It is weakly alkaline when dissolved in water. The solid begins to decompose gradually above 50 ℃ to form sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water. This property can be used as a bulking agent in food production. However, because sodium bicarbonate will remain after the action, excessive use will make the finished product have alkali taste.

Baking powder is also called quick baking powder or cake baking powder, referred to as B P. It is a kind of pastry expanding agent, which is often used for making cakes and cakes. It is a compound chemical expansion agent, which is composed of alkali agent, acid agent and filler (corn starch). Subsequently, the fast reaction foaming powder and the slow foaming powder are derived. According to the product requirements, the gas is released at different stages of the production to produce different production effects.

Double effect foaming powder is generally composed of acidic fluffing agent calcium hydrogen phosphate, potassium hydrogen tartrate and basic fluffing agent sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonia hydrogen carbonate, potassium hydrogen carbonate, light calcium carbonate and starch. It has both fast and slow reaction characteristics of foaming powder. The reaction is divided into two stages to produce gas and water.

This hair powder is suitable for general baking products, especially cakes. During the mixing operation period of the batter, due to the influence of the temperature, the hair powder first releases 1 / 5-1 / 3 of the gas, which relaxes the gluten inside the batter and improves the state of the batter, while the gas remains inside the batter; When baking the batter, the gas will be released gradually with the increase of the temperature, which fully meets the needs of the thermal expansion of the batter during baking, so as to achieve the best expansion quality of the cake. The double effect baking powder can release uniform gas in the batter body to make the gas in the batter body uniform, so that the pores of the baked cake are fine and uniform, and then the product structure reaches the perfect expansion quality. Its final metabolites in human body are mainly sodium chloride (i.e. salt) and phosphoric acid products similar to the natural metabolism of human body.

After learning about the generation of fluffy, will you still use a small spoon of bubble powder? Maifen is rich but not fluffy and delicate; low sugar and low oil biscuits are not crisp and delicious; simple bread and scone can not exist without baking powder.

Of course, some food additives are necessary ingredients in the formula, such as baking powder and gelatine. Some are optional, but there are some advantages.

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