Organic amine biocides are widely used to control microorganisms in cooling water
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Organic amine biocides are widely used to control microorganisms in cooling water

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Chlorophenol and its derivatives are a kind of non-oxidative bactericidal algaecide, because the molecular structure of phenol introduces chlorine atom, its bactericidal and algae killing ability is improved. These compounds are not readily degradable and they have toxic effects on aquatic organisms and mammals. Therefore, the pollution problem should be given enough attention.

Chlorophenols cannot be shared with cationizing agents (such as quaternary ammonium salts), but combined with some anionic surfactants can significantly reduce its amount to improve the killing effect.


Organic amine fungicides are widely used to control microorganisms in cooling water, have strong bactericidal effect, can kill most microorganisms and have fairly good penetration and dispersion ability, and most water quality stabilizers and processing agents are chemically compatible. , can be widely used in the PH value range, and has the advantages of small size, easy degradation and less environmental pollution to fish and others. Quaternary ammonium salts have a wide range of applications and have typical characteristics.

The outstanding feature of quaternary ammonium salts is their ability to penetrate clay and dirt. It is especially suitable for anaerobic bacteria to kill and multiply to produce slime and sludge, 5-20mg/L alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (DBA) can effectively control the harm of sulfate reducing bacteria. Quaternary ammonium salt has dispersibility. When foaming is used, the sterilized and peeled mucus is dispersed, and it is filtered and removed at the same time or carried out with sewage discharge. But it is also easy to generate false liquid level to deceive the liquid level interlock.

Water treatment fungicides quaternary ammonium salts and isothiazolinone compounds are water treatment agents, which have the advantages of broad spectrum, low toxicity, fast and long-lasting efficacy, strong penetration, convenient use, and wide application range for temperature and pH. Use bacteria and algae that do not develop resistance.

Water treatment fungicide is suitable for industrial circulating cooling water systems such as power plants, chemicals, fertilizers, oil refining, metallurgy, etc. It is used for sterilization, algae removal and desliming. The effect is better than 1227, and it has a certain corrosion inhibition effect.

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