The amount of flame retardant added in the extruded board is very small
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The amount of flame retardant added in the extruded board is very small

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Flame retardants exert their flame retardant effect through several mechanisms, and most flame retardants achieve the purpose of flame retardant through the joint action of several mechanisms. However, there are many factors in the use of flame retardants that will affect its flame retardant effect. The following editor will introduce to you the factors that affect the flame retardant effect of flame retardants.

1. Human factors.

The amount of flame retardant added in the extruded board is very small, generally less than 10%. To make the flame retardant evenly distributed into the material, stirring is a more critical part. Evenly contains about 5 grams of flame retardant, which requires a lot of manual stirring or special mixer for stirring. Dispersions that can only form small areas within a short period of time are squeezed out.

flame retardant

Second, the equipment factor.

Different equipment manufacturers have different design processes for the clearance of the screw and screw barrel, the advancing rate, and the plasticizing and dispersing screw block, resulting in different plasticization, dispersion and residence time of the material inside the screw barrel.

Three, flame retardant factors.

The flame retardants produced in China mainly include powder and granules. Due to the difference in density and PS particles, powder flame retardants can only absorb a small part of them through friction and static electricity during the stirring process, and most of them will be precipitated along the particle gap to the stirring. the bottom of the equipment, resulting in uneven dispersion of the flame retardant. The powder adsorbed on the surface of the particles will first come into contact with the screw and screw barrel, encounter high temperature, and decompose seriously. The free bromine in the decomposition process reacts with the screw and screw barrel to form iron bromide peeling off, which is extremely corrosive to the equipment, so it is not recommended. use.

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