Appropriate application should be based on the characteristics of the pesticide
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Appropriate application should be based on the characteristics of the pesticide

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Appropriate application methods should be selected according to the characteristics of pesticides, the characteristics of pests and the surrounding environment. The currently popularized low-volume and ultra-low-volume sprays to control pests that harm the surface of crops have the advantages of saving labor and macro efficiency compared with conventional spraying; applying granules or pesticides to control underground pests is labor-saving and efficient than spraying methods, reducing pesticide drift. etc.; using systemic agent to coat stems or root zone pesticides to control pests has the advantages of saving labor, saving drugs, and protecting natural enemies. In addition to choosing the appropriate spraying method, attention should also be paid to the dosage and frequency of pesticides. If the dosage is small, the purpose of prevention and control will not be achieved.

The development of economy has promoted the continuous progress of agriculture. Insecticide is a kind of medicine commonly used in agriculture, so when it is used, it also has certain usage requirements.

There are many types of pesticides, each with its own insecticidal characteristics. For example, although the range of killing insects is wide, it is ineffective against mites; aphid pine is only effective against aphids; phoxim has a long-lasting effect on underground pests in the soil and is suitable for controlling underground pests; dimethoate has a systemic effect and is suitable for control Aphids and other sucking mouthpart pests; dichlorvos and trichlorfon can also control pests on sorghum, but they also cause phytotoxicity to sorghum. Therefore, in pest control, it is necessary to select effective and harmless pesticides according to the species of pests, developmental stages, living habits, and the sensitivity of crops to pesticides, which is the key to rational drug use.


Different developmental stages of pests have different resistance to pesticides. Generally, young larvae have poor resistance to pesticides, especially when borer pests such as heartworms, corn borers and other young larvae are on the surface of crops, which is a better period for control, and pesticides The validity period is limited. Therefore, when controlling pests, it is very necessary to choose a more effective pest control period.

Rational use of pesticides can achieve safe, economical and effective pest control purposes, otherwise it will be ineffective, resulting in undue losses such as phytotoxicity.

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