Before using food additives, please check the relevant information first
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Before using food additives, please check the relevant information first

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The effect of preservatives is affected by food raw materials and various ingredients in food. Some components in food, such as spices, flavoring agents and emulsifiers, have antibacterial effects, or some components can selectively interact with preservatives. Chemical effects, which will affect the use of preservatives to varying degrees.

Food ingredients that have a general impact on food additive preservatives are salt, carbohydrates and alcohol, which can reduce the activity of enzymes in microorganisms. The above two points also help preservatives. However, salt can also change the distribution coefficient of preservatives. Its distribution is uneven. Therefore, it may have an adverse effect on the preservative effect. The sugar in carbohydrates is itself a nutrient source for microorganisms and can promote the growth of microorganisms when the concentration is appropriate. However, the effect of sugars on the partition coefficient is generally lower than that of table salt. High concentration is a bactericide, and it has bacteriostatic effect at low concentration. Generally, alcohol can enhance the effect of preservatives.

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Special attention should be paid to the chemical reaction of ingredients in food with preservatives, which may partially or completely render preservatives ineffective, or cause side effects, such as SO2 and sulfites react with aldehydes, ketones and sugars in food, nitrites May generate more toxic nitrosamines. Therefore, when using preservatives, you should check the relevant information first.

Preservatives will also be decomposed by microorganisms in food, especially organic preservatives. It may even become a carbon source for microorganisms. For example, sorbic acid can be reduced to sorbic acid by lactic acid bacteria. used by microorganisms.

In short, the East China University of Science and Technology Food Additives and Ingredients Research Group believes that once the microorganisms in the food begin to act, even if the preservative is added to prevent spoilage, the food cannot be restored to the sensory fresh state. Therefore, no matter how effective the preservative is, the food must be in a very good hygienic condition at the beginning of processing, which is also one of the principles of the use of preservatives.

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