The use of botanical pesticide synergists is not restricted by environmental conditions
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The use of botanical pesticide synergists is not restricted by environmental conditions

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Botanical synergist is a special synergist for pesticides developed based on the principle of synergism between pesticides and synergists, using natural vegetable oil as the main raw material and advanced production technology. It has obvious synergism on most herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.


Using the recommended dosage can increase the efficiency by 15~30%, especially for common herbicides in corn fields. It can reduce the use of effective ingredients per unit area of pesticides by more than 1/3 and save water for application. By adding this product, the amount of water added during application per mu can be reduced from the original 15~30 kg to 7~10 kg.

The use of botanical synergist is not limited by environmental conditions. It has the same synergism under drought or high temperature conditions and will not cause drug damage.

The natural pesticide synergist spray adjuvant can improve the wettability and permeability of the solution, improve the coverage of pesticides, enhance the attachment fastness of droplets, extend the moisture retention time of droplets, and have an obvious activation effect on the sprayed pesticides, so that the pesticides can enter the target faster, transfer and locate on the target cells, playing an inhibitory role.

The pesticide suspension agent uses water as the dispersion medium. The solid technical drugs insoluble or slightly soluble in water are ground and crushed, and with the help of surfactants and other additives, they are uniformly dispersed to form a relatively stable liquid-solid system with fine particles, high suspension and flow. Compared with emulsion, it can avoid the use of a large number of organic solvents; Compared with wettable powder, there is no dust floating; The toxicity and irritation to humans and animals are relatively low; And can reduce the pesticide damage to crops; It will not burn during storage and transportation due to organic solvents, with high safety; The danger to users and the whole environment is reduced to a very low level. In addition, the pesticide suspension agent has excellent performance, good dispersibility, high suspension rate, strong spreading force and adhesion on the plant surface, rain erosion resistance, and significant and lasting efficacy.

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