History of human use of food additives
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History of human use of food additives

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At present, the natural food additives that have been found and are being developed include natural food preservatives, natural food darkening agents, natural food antioxidants, natural metal removal agents, natural food emulsifiers, natural nutrition enhancers, natural stable color protectants, natural food colorants, natural enzymes, natural thickeners, natural sweeteners, etc. In today's rapidly developing food industry, the development and research of natural food additives has an overwhelming advantage.

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As a natural food additive, phytic acid is often used in the processing of removing metal ions from alcohol and beverages. At present, in Japan, the drinks containing phytic acid have begun mass production. Phytic acid can remove metal ions from drinks and wines because various metal ions can combine with phytic acid to form precipitable substances. The beer treated with phytic acid reduced the probability of beer deterioration. It can also improve the flavor of beer. The beverage with phytic acid can avoid the harm of harmful heavy metals to the body and improve the safety factor of the beverage.

Food additives refer to synthetic or natural substances added to food to improve the quality, color, aroma and taste of food, and to meet the needs of anti-corrosion, preservation and processing technology. Food additives can be produced by chemical synthesis, biological fermentation or extraction.

The history of human use of food additives is as long as the history of human civilization. Bean curd with brine was invented in the Western Han Dynasty. It has a history of more than 2000 years. Brine is a kind of food additive.

Monascus has been produced and applied in China for more than 1000 years. The natural edible pigment extracted from Monascus, Monascus red pigment, is also a food additive. Sodium nitrite, which is used in folk homemade cured meat, has been used for more than 800 years since the Southern Song Dynasty. Now it has become an important color protecting agent in modern meat processing.

Food additives play an irreplaceable role in processing, improving food color, aroma and taste, adjusting food nutrients and ensuring high food quality. In 1998, China's total output of food additives was about 1.4 million tons, of which natural food additives accounted for more than 70%. With the continuous improvement of living standards and cultural levels, people's requirements for food tend to be natural and healthy. Under the turning ring of the times, the research and development of natural food additives has become an urgent mission.

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