Application scope and excellent characteristics of flame retardant
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Application scope and excellent characteristics of flame retardant

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At present, flame retardants are mainly divided into four types: organic, inorganic, halogen and halogen-free. Among the organic flame retardants, bromine flame retardants have certain advantages in many aspects, but they have always caused hot discussion among environmental protection experts. In the halogen-free flame retardant system, red phosphorus can be regarded as an excellent role, with the advantages of less addition, good flame retardant effect, wide application range and good environmental protection effect.

Flame retardant

How to cross integrate common flame retardants with high cost performance and environmentally friendly flame retardants with slightly higher prices is an important topic that many industries need to study today, and it is also the development direction of flame retardant products in the future. While protecting people and property from the threat of fire, we should also reduce the potential harm of flame retardants to our human body and the environment. In fact, any chemical substance has both advantages and disadvantages for us. How to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages is the thing we should do well. The key lies in scientific management and correct use.

Flame retardant PP is mainly used in black household appliances, because white household appliances have high aesthetic requirements, and the performance of flame retardant PP in this regard is still not ideal. Because flame retardant PP has the advantages of easy processing and low price, it is widely used in some components that do not have high requirements on material performance, especially those with general requirements on heat resistance, such as wiring terminals and wall switches in computer chassis. Flame retardant PP can better meet product demand and reduce production cost. Because of this, flame retardant PP is widely used in motor, skeleton coil and other fields.

From the perspective of regional distribution, China's flame retardant PP production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The data show that these two regions account for about 85% of the total output of flame retardant PP in China. Although there is still a certain gap in the production technology and scale of domestic flame retardant PP compared with foreign manufacturers, and compared with foreign manufacturers, domestic enterprises are still in a relatively backward stage in terms of product stability and product added value.

However, the domestic modified plastics industry has developed rapidly, especially some technology-based enterprises. Their flame retardant technology development level is not only in the forefront of the industry in China, but also has gradually approached or even surpassed similar foreign enterprises in terms of technology research and development and market scale of flame retardant PP.

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